Montpellier Day 3 – 23 May 2017


So it’s the 3rd day here. And since I’m writing this about like 7 days later, I might have forgotten some bits and pieces but well, I’ll do my best 😀

Let’s get started then!

For day 3, it was 2nd day of school and so I had both the morning class which starts from 9am to 12.15pm and then from 1.30pm to 3.45pm we have the afternoon class which basically was oral.

Oh yes, before that, I had breakfast with Mme Gomez where she asked me something and I had no idea what she said. Basically breakfast was baguette, biscotte with butter /nutella/jam and nesquik.

<<Insert photo>>

Woohoo, thankfully there’s nesquik cause I would probably not want to drink hot milk on its own. Breakfast was not bad. But I kinda want salted butter but they don’t have it 😦 Oh wells, you can’t have everything in the world :’) After that at about 8.15am I left for school. I had trouble with the door cause you kinda have to close the door with this ‘cluck’ sound and it’s really quite loud. And I don’t like loud sounds. So M. Gomez had to do it a few times for me LOLOLOL like to teach me and I still couldn’t get it but oh wells. Thankfully it worked out the last try then I could leave for school.

After that I walked for about 10 mins and passed by Le Lez which is the river near their place.

<<Insert photo>>

And then I went to take tram 1 in the direction of Mosson and dropped at Place de la Comedie and walked for another 10 mins and met Gina in school.

So for the morning lesson we went through more questions and some verbs. For the afternoon lesson, we went through les activites quotidienne (The daily activities). Yeah, so first part was the listening and trying to comprehend and then the next part was to try speaking it with a partner. So I was paired with Chizuko who is a Japanese old lady like she’s a grandmother to 2 grandsons. And after that we just went our separate ways after class.

It was quite funny though because after that Gina wanted to smoke but she didn’t know how to buy and where to buy. In the end, we went back to school like in less than 5 mins before we left the building to seek help from our oral teacher Ismail. Oh yes, I forgot to introduce our oral teacher’s name is Ismail. And then he actually very nicely told us where to get it and even brought us there. So in Montpellier, you can get cigarettes from any shop with the “TABAC” sign.

Image result for montpellier tabac

Credits to:,1459630.php

It was quite funny and really like wow moment. Like imagine your teacher agreeing and even bringing you there?? That would never happen in Singapore. Yeah so that was our mini adventure for the day.

After that we headed on our different paths to go home. I forgot what I had for dinner but well, I think it was pizza! Like they bought pizza back and it was ok. We had pepperoni and some cheese pizza with potatoes. Wew.

After that I retreated back to my room and took a shower and got ready for bed. Yup I think this is the end of day 3.

Thanks for reading 🙂



Montpellier Day 2 – 22 May 2017


Ok time to get up to date. My speed on this is really slow. Apologies

So it’s day 2 and well, we went to IEF early in the morning to see if they could help us. Before that, we bought food. I bought a puff-like thing with chocolate. It was really good!! French food is really quite amazing. But it’s really expensive :/

Anyway, after buying our food we went on our way to the school and at the door we met Philippe. We didn’t know then he was going to be our professor but yup, he looked at us and told us at the office was upstairs and we said merci which means Thank you in French. So we lugged our luggage up the flight of stairs. I’m thankful my luggage was only 14.5kg but that didn’t mean it was light. But it was definitely lighter than Gina’s hurhur.

Yup, so we went up to the office and there we were greeted by Eugenia who was one of the administrators. Thank goodness she was able to help us with our issue and also because Prof Yannick emailed them on Sunday so thankfully, we were able to get immediate enrollment. Our luggage was placed in their storeroom and then we went for a briefing session of some sort.

Philippe briefed us and probably like another 8-9 people about the school personnel, the classrooms (salles) and I guess that’s probably it. After that, we began our lesson.

Our first lesson was on introduction. Extremely basic but I felt that it was essential and useful. I definitely learnt a lot in that short 3 hours probably because I understood most of the stuff  that were already taught in French 1 back in SG.

So we met this other girl called Sophia but we call her Sophie. She’s Chilean and stays in San Diego. She’s only 15 though like that’s really young. She’s the youngest in our class. So other than her, there are 3 Swiss students – Alex, Julian and Ella, 2 Japanese students – Akane and Chizuko and there’s us. The size was just nice really, like everybody had the chance to talk. So there’s that.

So there was a break at 10.30am for 15 minutes and lessons resumed. At 12.15pm class ended. So we were told that they were still looking for a host family. At least for me, because Gina’s was settled. Also, as it was a Monday they have this wine and cheese session out on the terrace. Like it’s FREE! And it happens every Monday like whottt. But yes, the cheese tasted really good despite it’s disgusting goat smell. But well, cheese is cheese. And that kinda became our lunch.

After that at around 1.30pm, they had a tour for new students around Montpellier. Basically it was the places that Gina and I visited the day before. But this time there were history about the places. But there served no purpose cause it was all in French and well, my French vocab is only this much -> (   ) :’) So half the time I was just stoning or I zoned out. And while we were walking, I took the chance to talk to Sophie.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel that speaking to non-native English speakers can be really hard. Because not only I can’t use my Singaporean accent, there were some words that I had to find another word for or basically rephrase the whole sentence. And after that, I wonder if they actually understood.. So yeah.

Anyway, Sophie said she had some kind of bone injury? I’m not sure what the term is exactly but basically her spine was really curved to one side. And she had to do a surgery to fix it back in place. Also, she used to do boxing with her sister like if you look at her, you would never have guessed it :’) She’s really slim and fair and she looks so feeble. But well, you can’t judge a book by its cover eh.

So after we were done, we went back to school and then Gina’s host came first. She was a round lady and dressed in bright pink? And so I was left there to wait for my own host who came awhile later. And I got a shock when he was male cause the letter given to me was written as Ms Marie Gomez. But oh wells. So he came to fetch me and then we walked to Place de la Comedie to take Tram 1 to Place de l’Europe and then we walked again. The whole journey was about an half and hour. I wanted to say stuff to Monsieur Gomez but I just didn’t know how to phrase them. So the only thing I said throughout the whole journey was Vous parlez Anglais (you speak english?). Which was actually wrong cause it’s supposed to be vous pouvez parler anglais (can you speak english?) And he said non :’) God bless my soul.

Anyway, then we finally reached the place. It’s a really plain looking house on the outside but the interior is really beautiful. They actually have quite a big house as it is 2 storeys. On the ground floor, they have the kitchen, living room, garage (like what even??) and their own room. On the 2nd floor, they have 4 bedrooms, 1 shower room and 1 toilet bowl room. My heart sank when I saw that the toilet bowl wasn’t in the same room as the shower room (DED). But oh wells, since I’m staying here for 3 weeks then I gotta get used to it. Yup, so M. Gomez carried my luggage up for me which made me feel really bad cause I could do it on my own but once again thanks to my poor French, I didn’t know how to phrase it :’)

Anyway, after that he passed me the Wifi password HAHAHAHAHAHA but I couldn’t get it to connect T.T so I just did my homework from school instead. Then thank God, Madame Gomez came home and she welcomed me with open arms (figuratively). So she asked “comment tu t’appelle?” and I said “Je m’appelle Jermaine” and then I forgot what other stuff she said but she passed me the wifi password as well and this time I did it in front of her and well it didn’t work obviously and then she flipped to the back age of the notepad and voila, the password now works. Woohoo so now I have wifi for only my phone cause after that she took the notepad and I didn’t know where it was anymore.

So well, I went down to the kitchen and she was preparing some stuff. So for the 1st day I basically just followed her around and she introduced me to different stuff like she was making salad and she told me the lettuce (salade) is from her own garden. And I was like WOW. Cause it was really fresh and green and leafy like her garden was just amazing. It’s a plot of land at the front porch.

Yup, then came dinner where I was greeted by another surprise who was a Swiss girl from an apartment near by and apparently she has dinner with them everyday. I thought she was their grand-daughter at first but nope. I didn’t ask on the 1st day of my stay though. So yup. So we had salad which I quite enjoy like it tasted a little sour but I could actually swallow it and then for mains I had cucumber, pasta and jambon (ham). I didn’t take a photo though 😦 I felt it was rude. But yeah, dinner I just copied their actions and then for desert I had yogurt. Like wow, healthy much.

And then I escaped upstairs to my room and did a little stuff before I went to shower and went to bed cause I was really tired. Oh ya, after dinner Mme G. told me breakfast can be at 7.45/8am so I chose 7.45am of course so that I can be on time.

And yes, that’s basically the end of my 2nd day in Montpellier.

Montpellier Day 1 – 21 May 2017

Bonjour mes amies!

So anyway, it’s my first time travelling to such a faraway country – France/continent aka Europe. I would have to say the first day was pretty eventful due to some miscommunication between NUS and us. We (Gina and I) thought that the school would arrange everything for us as in arrange everything with the school in Montpellier- European Institute of French (IEF) like inform them we were coming etc.

I actually felt pretty iffy about the whole thing because we weren’t told of anything. And I vaguely remember that we were told that there was going to be a placement test to test our French efficiency but that never came. I was so confused so I turned to Gina and she insisted that we would take the placement test in Montpellier so I went “orh ok lor” Not to point fingers (Actually I am) but I blame her cause I kept asking and she said “oh, the family will come and pick us up from the airport.” Ok, to be fair, it was both our first time doing such a thing so oh wells *shrugs* All is well now anyway.

So we took Air France from Singapore to Paris where our flight was 10.40pm. It was a 12 hours flight and I sat behind her so we didn’t really talk. So what I did was watch Big Bang Theory (BBT) the whole flight or at least the times when I haven’t felt sleepy. It was quite funny to hear it dubbed in French cause Sheldon voice was at least a pitch higher. But of course, thankfully they had the English version if not I’ll probably not understand any of it. Ded.

Us before we flew

Anyway, the food was not bad in my opinion (IMO). It was really filling probably cause I had a beef dish pie at SB at the airport and then it was made worse cause I stupidly wanted champagne which tasted really bad D: It took me a few hours to finish my dinner when the rest were already done with theirs. But everything else was good huehue. Breakfast was good as well so wew.

Dinner on Air France

Then we finally landed in Paris airport and waited for our next flight to Montpellier which was just 2 hours.

So the shock came when we reached Montpellier airport and there was nobody to pick us. Like OMG. We didn’t know who to contact and while I was just chilling, Gina was panicking like mad and well, it doesn’t help to have both people panic like crazy so I left her to it.

So after a few emails with Prof Yannick and with the help of the customer service counter (really appreciate them a lot and thank God they could speak English), we finally took the bus to Place de la Comedie which was like the city centre where the Tourism Office was located. The bus driver was really nice too. Helping us with our luggage and teaching us how to buy the bus tix and for the tram even though he knew no English at all.


And then we reached Place de la Comedie and we went to the tourism office and sought for help. 

They have dogs everywhere
View at Place de la Comedie

The lady helped us find a cheap hotel which turned out not to be so cheap after all but what to do when 2 girls are lost and needed a place to stay for the night? So yup, it wasn’t that far off so we walked to the Hotel (insert name when I rmb) and spent 37.50 euros each.

Another shock came when I realised that the toilet bowl was not in the same room as the shower??? Like whot how does that even work. It’s so troublesome to peep/poop in one room and then go to the other to wash our hands. But oh wells. I guess it’s supposed to be like this in France.

Yup, so we washed up a little and then we went to have lunch which we had Burgers. 

Lunch – Burger
It was really good probably cause I was hungry and it was 9.90 euros but the burger was huge and the bun was like baked so it was different and the fries were like potato slices instead of the normal thin fries. So after that was done, we decided to walk and find the school and then we went to tour the place for a bit.
Gina was emoing which was quite frustrating cause half the time she just left me while she walked really fast in front. Temperamental people. -.- Kill me please. But yup, we went to see some of the places that were really beautiful.

Flowers in Jardin des Plantes

Favourite photo
After that was done, we decided to return to the Hotel cause we were both really

Love hurts

Sooooo guess what people reading this?

I got attached to the boy that I was afraid who would never notice me! Woohoo.

But as the title suggests, love hurts. It has been really painful when it shouldn’t be.

I’m not sure whether it’s because of my expectations or that it’s because it’s his first relationship? As a matter of fact, I’m the first girl he’s dated and now together with.

While that would perhaps be an ‘awww’ factor which I used to think to myself, I cannot help but wonder now whether we’re able to last. It’s so exhausting to hope that he will do stuff like other boyfriends would and when he doesnt, my hopes come crashing down and I’ll be extremely upset.

So.. The logical thing to do is to talk to him about it right? Of course I’ll be more than willing to but how do I do it without being emotional and be objective and at the same time make sure he doesn’t feel guilty about how’s he been treating me?

I really don’t know. I’ve been disappointed way too many times and end up crying myself to sleep the past few days. All these while, he doesn’t know a single thing about it. It’s so painful. It really is. I like him alot but I can’t possibly teach him every single thing about being a boyfriend can I? 

He has to learn it on his own somehow and if he isn’t sure then he can ask. But the problem is, he doesn’t. I would like to think he’s trying his best but I really don’t feel so. Which hurts and stinks.

I guess I’ll see how it goes. I hope that by the 3rd month, things will change for the better. If not then, it’s really time to reconsider whether he’s really the one.

Old scars

I don’t know why you always have that effect on me.

Why do you always make me think about all the good times we shared and how you were so nice to me and I took you for granted which made you leave.

And c’mon it’s been at least 3 years now and yet I still have no freaking idea how to put you down. How to put you in the past where you belong. How to stop thinking about you basically.

I find myself just letting other boys know about your existence. Bout how nice you were but at the same time your crazy side. But how I miss that. I haven’t met another boy whom treated me as well as you did. 

How you changed my life, my personality, my actions and my thoughts. You had such a strong influence on my life that it has been so hard to let you go. 

Yet, you probably have forgotten about me. About us. About what we used to do. I can’t help but feel sad. Like if we were to walk pass each other on the streets, we would be complete strangers. I would have to hold back the urge to welcome you with open arms. 

Old scars start to resurface whenever I mention about you. The scabs on my heart were picked on that it hurt as it bled internally. It’s so painful to watch you with another girl. A younger girl, our junior. 

Like how did that even happen? 

I miss us. I really do. Despite all the shit we’ve been through, how you made me cry before I go to bed every night, I would probably give everything to go back in time and change things.

Perhaps give us a chance. A chance to be in a r/s despite our racial differences. Cause boy, I never stopped loving you after all these years.

But these old scars gotta go. They got to start fading. To be buried deep under the new skin cells that generated. 

But scars are scars. No matter how long time has pass, it will always be there. It’s just a matter of whether we are able to conceal it better than others or not.

Tired of trying

I really feel like I should just give you up.

I mean like I have always been the one chasing other boys and it always didn’t work out -> Either friendzoned/sisterzoned idk which is worse..

You’re really smart. Really easy to talk to. Big and strong yet feels approachable. You’re just perfect. In my eyes at least. So is this what they term as “out of your league” ? 

It’s just really confusing. On one hand, I feel like I’m ready to settle down. On the other, I feel like I’ve got all the time in the world. After all, I’ll only be 20 this year. But I’m not feeling it from you.

Today I saw you sharing a ear piece with another girl and a chord struck in me. Like oh my, maybe she likes you too. She’s smart too and probably is able to hold an intelligent conversation with you.

But me ? No. I dont ever think I can hold a proper intelligent conversation with you about world politics or what not. Is this the difference between elite and neighbourhood schools?

Nah, I’m stereotyping. It’s just me who’s too lazy to go and upgrade myself. Hah double standards. There I was telling my best friend to grow up and here I am not trying to. 

During dinner, you were playing with your phone. You weren’t texting but instead playing a mind stimulating puzzle game. And just within minutes you solved it. That would probably take me like what? A few hours? And again, the difference between us.

I’m just really afraid to know the outcome. To perhaps stop trying and then only to find out that you liked me before too. Like you asked “how do you classify our r/s now” and I said “good friends” which was probably a bad move cause I just stabbed myself right there. It hurt somehow. 

Like my paragraphs which doesnt really flow, my thoughts play out the same way as well. Just confused and tired. Like why cant guys just be honest about how they feel. Or quicken their pace? Like c’mon, we’re all 20 21 and 22. We are like almost adults/are already adults. Cant we just act like one with regards to our feelings? 

Why can’t we just be honest with one another? Why? 

I get that people are afraid but c’mon people, it’s just rejection. It’s just a No. Sure it’ll hurt but you grow in the process, you become stronger. And there’s this thing called time and there’s the phrase “time heals” SO JUST DO IT!

At this point, people would probably be like asking me, then why not you confess to him? And again double standards, maybe I’m just infatuated with him and it’s not like I really like him. Also at the same time, I’m scared. Like all other people. 

But perhaps I’ll do it. Like when we are going to graduate from our hostel. At least I wouldn’t be here next year if things didn’t turn out well. Save us all the embarrassment 🙂

Also, because I’m upset, I’m just not going to text him for the next couple of days. But I doubt there will be any difference cause well, knowing him, he wouldn’t initiate the convo first. So I guess there’s that.

I’m just really tired of trying.

Inner strength to finally let go

Thank you for being the one who taught me how to stand up on my own 2 feet when the world deserts me.

Thank you for being the one who taught me how to live my own life.

Thank you for being the one who taught me to lower my expectations. 

Thank you for being the one who was still by my side even though you wanted me to be independent.

But most importantly, thank you for being the one who constantly broke my heart and taught me to be strong.

Our journey these 2 years wasn’t easy. There were alot of fights and arguments along the way over commitment issues and how I felt like you could do more. But they were all eventually resolved the moment you said “I love you”. I never thought I would ever have the chance to hear you say that to me because you were also so closed up, unwilling to let anybody in, to let anybody come close. But yet, you decided to open up your heart to me which I am really honoured and thankful for.

You gave me 2 years of something that I hope I would never have to go through again because it was 2 years of just pure dating. Of course we both know that that’s not true. We were in a way, friends with benefits but thank you for respecting me. While the 2 years have been relatively great, I really would not want to go through it again with another guy, to be stuck in a r/s limbo.

But I guess, we both finally came to a consensus on how we should end this amicably. We met up again and I think we both felt that something changed. We were no longer feeling as much towards each other than before. We were going back to the time when we were just friends which I hope will really work out.

So thank you. For the times you rained on my parade and in the process taught me how to be a stronger girl, a stronger woman. To have the strength and courage to leave and begin life anew.

Like you said, we were kinda lucky to have our honeymoon period for as long as 2 years. Perhaps it was cause we weren’t official and hence didn’t feel the need to commit to each other. But yet, we were still exclusive. It was ultimately a rather interesting experience. So thank you J.

Thank you for giving me the inner strength to finally let go.