Montpellier day 7 – 27 May 2017


So today is really exciting but breakfast as usual was the same stuff of baguette, nesquik with milk, biscotte and the jam and nutella.

Yup, anyway we have another excursion today. Today’s journey consist of 4 places – Pezenas > Canal du Midi > Beziers > Plage volcanique cap d’agde. We also had to meet at Gare Routiere and this time it started from 9am – 6.30pm. Today I walked on my own from Gare Saint-Roch and thankfully I wasn’t lost cause I remembered the way I took when I went home. Also, since Jeremie was on his holiday, Jeff was our guide.

There were a lot of English speaking students I suppose? But well yeah. We first reached pezenas and then we gathered in front of this status as shown:

<<Insert photos>>

And then Jeff began to tell us the story behind the name of the place. I can’t quite remember cause it was in French and even though there was a really nice English lady who translated everything for us. But yeah, do check it out! After Jeff was done with his story, we had about 2 hours of free time? So Gina and I went and walked around. And OH. MY. GOD. The place was freaking amazing!!

It’s like there was a little bazaar going on. It was similar to Singapore’s Pasar malam which in other words meant night market. But yeah, there were many many stores selling different things. The fruits were really fresh and beautiful. The flowers were just blooming. It was such a beautiful sight. Yup!

<<Insert photos>>

And then we walked past this store that sells bracelets and what not. The lady could speak English but we answered her in french so she was like “oh you speak french?” and we were like “Ummm, un petit peu” which means a little bit. After that she was showing us all sorts of stuff. And she passed me a new one that looked like a pandora bracelet. Sigh, I didn’t want to get that but I guess she misinterpreted and so I got 2 bracelets instead. Each one cost 7 euros so I spent 14 euros there. But oh wells, I needed to give gifts anyway. Hope my friends will like it 🙂

After that we continued walking and we passed by this bookstore called Maison de la Presse LANET cause there were like postcards everywhere and Gina was into them. So she looked at them and I went inside to look around. So in the end I bought this fairytale book meant for enfants which means children in french. HAHAHAHAHA it’s a hardcover book and it looks simple enough for me to read and understand which I hope I’ll have time to do it when I get back and of course really understand it. Yeah, so as I was paying for it, I didn’t hear the lady properly except she said “cadeaux” which means gift in french and I said oui. So she asked her assistant to wrap the book for me. HAHAHAHAHA

While waiting, there was another elderly lady in line and she looked so pleasant. And I said “desolee” which means sorry and she said something like it’s ok, I’m just waiting to photocopy my documents and so I smiled back at her.

Finally it was done and I said “merci beaucoup, au revoir!” and went on my way to meet Gina outside. Hurhur. After that we continued to walk and we saw many clothing stores where we stopped but didn’t buy any cause they were kinda too expensive but still relatively cheap compared to the stores in the streets here at Montpellier. Like I guess 10 euros? Oh yes! I bought a scarf for my grandmother at the market and the lady was really nice. She said “have a nice day” after I was done with my purchase. But since Gina haven’t made up her mind, we lingered around and so I asked in French “Ummm, une question. Plastic bag c’est quoi en Francais?” and I guess she started to explain to me that they don’t use plastic bags cause it’s really unenvironmentally friendly and that it might kill marine life if people start throwing them around. I really applaud the french for this, like when can Singaporeans be like dis 😦 The French really don’t use plastic bags. Even if they do give you bags, it will be in the form of paper. Like WOW. Anyway, yup, so she told us it’s called a sachet and so yup, I learnt a new word today :))))

After that we went on our way and then walked past this seemingly Chinese shop but actually it was a Vietnam store and we stole a little of their prawn crackers. Good stuff :p Oh btw, please don’t take it literally. We didn’t steal anything. The prawn crackers were placed out as samples so we could take it yup teehee 😀 Yup, so we walked a little more before we decided it’s time to turn back and then cause we could either buy food to the beach or eat at the restaurant there, we decided to get food from the market. So we went back to the Vietnam store and I bought their riz canton basically it’s rice and their spring pork roll. I was really excited cause I haven’t had rice in about a week and I really miss it 😦 #Asianproblems

Anyway, fast forward, so we both got our food and we went back to the mini van and went on our way to Plage Volcanique Cap d’agde.

Basically it’s a place with beaches. And oh my, it was really beautiful. The view was extremely wowz. Also, why it is called plage volcanique was pretty much cause there is an active volcano near it? And like the ashes from it turn the sand black.

<<Insert photos>>

And yup, we had our lunch there like I ate my riz and pork. The rice was ok thankfully with the help of chili but the pork was just bad D: Don’t get it people! Anyway, Gina bought some chicken as well and decided to feed the seagulls. Holy shit, it was terrifying cause the birds were huge and noisy. So while I wasn’t looking, she threw a piece and then the 1st bird started calling all its friends down and immediately, most of all the other birds descended and were just waiting for food to be thrown to them.

Omg, and they were really aggressive. Like 2/3 birds can start pecking each other cause they were fighting for the food. They pretty much sound like the seagulls in Finding Nemo huehue. Yup after that I also started throwing my pork roll cause it was just that bad 😦 The rest of my rice, I gave it to Gina cause she was still hungry so yup.

Fast forward, after we were done, we went down to the first beach and like the sand was black ummm as in greyish-black? Yup, the water was cold and it was really clear like you can see every single pebble. But this time, we didn’t suntan cause there weren’t enough time. After awhile, Gina came to join me cause she was done smoking and then we went back up. Oh and the staircase was like really cool? Cause it was spiral but the walls were made of gravel and stone instead of cement.

<<Insert photo>>

After that we decided to do some exploring as well since we had a little bit more time. And then we realised that there was another beach there. The sand this time were the normal sand like yellowish white? Oh and cause I desperately wanted to pee, we finally found a toilet there. And omg?? It was really gross. Like a man came out of it and said something in French like it can’t be flushed or something. Which was true cause I opened the door and immediately saw that the toilet bowl was kinda full D; Super duper gross so I gave up peeing. Oh wells. So we enjoyed abit of the sun and took pictures.

<<Insert photos>>

After that when it was about 2pm we started to walk back cause we had to gather at 2.30pm. And since there was another toilet somewhere we decided to hunt for it. In the midst of it, we spotted an aquarium and so we went in. And there it was, the holy toilet :)))) It was really clean of course thankfully and so my bladder was relieved. There, I bought a postcard for 40 cents cause I decided that I wouldn’t be able to capture the entire view so I bought it. And then we went back to the mini van.

In the mini van, I met this Swiss girl. We talked for a little bit and at first I felt like she had this resting bitch face (RBF) cause well, it’s just like that. Can’t really explain RBF but apparently she studies law and she’s also 26. Her french is really good though. Ya, she was cool. And then we finally reached Canal du midi.

It was really fascinating cause it was built like in 1667 and without any architects, engineers and what not and it’s 241km long which spans from Toulouse and ends at Etang de Thau. Do google about it!!

<<Insert photos and video>>


After awhile, a little tourist boat passed us and then we left to Beziers.

<<Insert photos>>


Beziers is a small little town and there we visited this really amazing Cathedral, aka Beziers Cathedral, like it was so damn big and grand and mostly tall. Omg, we died trying to climb up the steps cause it was really a lot of stairs. But hey, it was worth it and the view was great ^^ After awhile, I climbed down and omg, it was really scary as well cause like one slip and you might tumble to your death whoops. But I finally made it down.

After that Gina and I went to look for ice cream but got conned into this little shop which sells milkshakes and yogurts. Kidding but yeah, I was disappointed. But anyway, this is my yogurt 😀

<<Insert photo>>

After that, we went to walk around some more and see if we could get anything for our friends back but well, there weren’t much apparently. So I didn’t spend anything at beziers. After that it was time to leave and we headed back to gare routiere.

So then came dinner time and omg, we had quinoa. I really didn’t like that thing T.T cause it was 1st, cold. 2nd, there were a lot of capsicum and corns and lastly well it was just gross in general. Sorry people who love quinoa.

<<Insert photo>>

Yeah, basically I didn’t know what exactly I was eating cause I didn’t ask but later found out cause I asked Gina the next day. Anyway, I took really little of it cause it was suspicious looking and I covered the taste of it with cherry tomatoes. Thank god for such a fruit.

Yup, and then it was shower time and bed for me :)))

Thanks for reading mes amies!

Au revoir ^^



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