Montpellier Day 6 – 26 May 2017

Ok! Now that I got day 4 in place, it should be correct for the rest of the other posts!

Alors, salut mes amies!

Today is day 6 of my trip here and of course the last day of school for the 1st week! D’habitute, je mange la meme choses (I ate the same things) pour le petit-dejeuener. Before I left for school, I decided to ask Leonie in French how to get to the beach cause Gina and I were thinking of doing it and well, I did ask to double confirm. So thanks Leonie! After that I headed to school.

T’was a good day I guess 🙂 For lessons we went through des, un, une and le, la, les as well as questions to ask on a daily basis. Yup and so after lessons we went to have lunch. Gina, Sophie and I went to Brioche Doree that is along a bend. It serves really nice sandwiches and honestly I think it’s quite affordable. Although I think I kinda spent about 7.50 euros? But it included a long sandwich together with an eclair as well as a bottle of pepsi. In SGD of course it is expensive but I was honestly really hungry so oh wells!

<<Insert photo>>

Oh yes, at first when we got there, Gina and I wanted to leave our bags at our seats so as to “chope” it. Chope-ing means to reserve it in Singlish (Singaporean English). Sophie looked at us like “Are you crazy?” But she didn’t actually said that instead, with a really concerned look, she said “you’re just going to leave your bags here?” Then Gina and I looked at each other and said “Oh ya horh, here not Singapore” HAHAHAHAH cause in Singapore, you can actually do that? Not advisable but it is actually safe enough. Just take your valuables with you such as your phone and wallet will do. And then Sophie continued to say “In Chile, if you do that, your bag will be stolen” and we went “Whoops” and proceeded to take our bags and went to queue for the food.

Ok, back to the story, they heated my sandwich so all was good cause I really adore hot food 🙂 Yup and the eclair was filled with chocolate filling which is my favourite so again, it was all good ^^ I actually wanted to taste the tart but Gina was saying we should try the eclair so I just tried it. No regrets really. So after that the 3 of us left and talked all the way to the tram stop before we went on our separate ways.

We went to Gare Saint-roch to take tram 3 in the direction of Perols Etang de l’Or to get to the beach. And all was good till halfway through, there was a toddler who started crying D: It was actually ok at first and then she didn’t stopped. My ears died. Cause it was that kind of crying that the kid wanted something but couldn’t get it so she just kept on crying/screaming. It was funny for a moment cause the mum decided to play with her mouth. Like imagine you’re yawning/singing/making noise and then you cover and uncover your mouth repeatedly. That’s the sound. HAHAHAHAH but yeah.

So we finally reached the station of Perols Etang de l’Or and then we began to follow people cause I think there isn’t a bus? Or if there is, we didn’t know how/where to take it. Omg, it was torturous cause it was at least a 20mins walk?? It was really far 😥 Like halfway through, Gina wanted to turn back and go home sua. I died and was like noooo we walk until here already then you want to go home? So we continued walking and we finally reached. WOOHOO.

Regrets though. We didn’t take a freaking photo of the place? Like both of us actually forgot. But the name of the beach is called la Carnon. You can google it if you want. It was really hot that day and like when we reached, we were wondering where was the toilet. Cause it didn’t seem to have a toilet and then Gina decided to ask this group of girls where’s the toilet in broken french. Thank God for her cause I wouldn’t have known how to ask/have the guts to ask :’) So they said it was after the carpark on the right and we said ok, merci! But of course, we still couldn’t find it and then there was this other lady and Gina proceeded to ask us. But she either didn’t hear her or pretended not to hear her cause she didn’t turn around until like Gina went really close before she turned around. I think she said she’s not sure as well cause she doesn’t stay here and asked us to check with the ice cream shop nearby and we said ok, merci.

And so we continued to walk in the direction of the ice cream shop and I saw the toilet sign woohoo. After that we went to change. It was actually my 2nd time wearing the bikini I bought and brought along with me. It’s a blue bikini woohoo my favourite colour. And this time, the bottoms fitted perfectly. I told Gina about it and said so means I grew fatter and she was like no? It means your assets grew HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Yup, we then proceeded to find a spot and then we used our towel to sit on the sand cause that was what everybody did. And well, I brought a mini towel like those for gymming kind :’) Cause I thought I wouldn’t need such a big one since I will only be cleaning myself rather than have a proper shower. I dun think there were any shower cubicles nearby anyway. So we found this spot in between like 2 groups of people cause well, we were kinda scared our stuff would be stolen HAHHAAHA but hey, that’s a legit concern.

Yup, so we laid our towels out and then chilled for awhile, applying sunblock and what not. Then I rmbed I brought my ziplock bag so I put my phone, portable charger and wallet inside and then Gina said “eh, actually can just put under our towels right?” and I was like “ya horh!” and proceeded to dig a hole in the sand in the middle of our towels and placed it there before I covered it with sand and our towels. Such safety :’) After that we chilled for awhile more before deciding to go down into the water.

Before that we placed our bags on top of our towels and i covered my valuables. After that we proceeded to the water and OMG it was icy cold. The weather was so damn hot but the water was like ice. I totally died (figuratively) But well, we slowly waddled our way into the water taking baby steps. LOLOLOLOL cause the water really is just too cold for us. And then I forgot to take my rubber-band cause I wanted to tie it since I didn’t want to wet it. So I had to go up to shore and return to our spot. On my way, oh my, I saw a half naked lady. Like she was suntanning her boobs D: I mean well, it’s a culture shock to me cause in Singapore, you can never do that. It’s freaking illegal so yeah.

Anyway, after taking my rubber band and tying my hair, it was round 2 for walk of death into icy water. Died the 2nd time. Oh yes, what is interesting though, it’s that the beach is actually flat. Like we could go really deep cause for about the first 5 meters, the sand was at the same constant level so Gina and I could walk quite far in. Yeah, we had fun to be honest (tbh). After awhile, I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to return to shore while she continued her stay in the water.

Since the sun was being so bright, the sea water quickly dried up and I proceeded to eat my half finished lunch and then shortly after Gina returned and then we took a few selfies HAHAHAHA

<<insert photos>>

After that we just decided to suntan ourselves. Turned out, it didn’t work really well 😦 My back wasn’t tanned at all I cri. As for my front, I turned out to be suntanned but I think it was due to my walk back to the tram stop. Cause around 5pm, we decided to leave cause we needed to go home for dinner. And yup, it was still extremely sunny 😦 But it was a good day at the beach although it was probably just like a short 3 hours or so?

So I almost fell asleep on the train cause I was really tired but I perked up when I saw like 3 doggos on the tram. Teehee. One was still a juvenile German Shepard pup, and beside me was a little cocker spaniel which I didn’t notice until it sniffed my calves teehee. And a little further front there was probably a beagle and yup. It was really cool but of course the GS doggo had its fur flying everywhere as it started to move around. I mean c’mon, it’s still a pupper after all :p

Yup. And then I went home to wash up abit before dinner began. I was actually really excited cause it was bolognaise spaghetti with ham.

<<Insert photo>>

But the spaghetti wasn’t salty enough 😦 But well, can’t really complain. At least it was hot 🙂 And then after dinner I just went to shower and then bed time wew.

Ok, that was my day 6.

Thanks for reading!

Au revoir




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