Montpellier Day 4 – 24 May 2017


Whoops, so apparently I missed out day 4 cause I got my dates mixed up 🙂 But well, as usual I had breakfast of the same thing before I headed for school.

Since Thursday is a holiday of France, we pushed our oral class to Wednesday which is today. Also, as usual we have the morning class and then the afternoon class. Oh yes, after the morning class we went to get lunch and then I had my first sandwich in a way? There were cheese, tomatoes and ham I guess?

<<Insert photo>>

The best thing was that it was hot! Like they heat it up for you like omg. It cost about 3.50 euros which I feel is ok? Since it’s quite big. And after that cause I wanted something sweet so we went to a little cafe nearby the school as well. I wanted a tart but got seduced by a piece of chocolate cake instead HAHAHAHAHA whoops! Chocolate is my weakness for sure :p But well, it wasn’t really that nice but it was huge so no complaints. I couldn’t finish it so I ate half of it and left the other half in my bag.

<<Insert photo>>

So nothing really interesting happened that day I guess :/ Oh wait, we did have a churros session with Chi like after class she asked us whether we wanted to have like a tea break with her and we said “ok!” why not right?

And so the 3 of us – Chi, Gina and I had a little conversation. The both got tea/juice? While I had churros.

<<Insert photo>>

Oh my, Chi paid for us like she said cause were students and wasn’t earning any money so she treated us. Yup, and so a friendship was established 🙂

On hindsight, it was really interesting to be meeting people of different nationalities in a foreign country and to be connected not by the language that we each knew perfectly well (me – English and Chi – Japanese) but instead by the language that we are all learning – French. In a way, I feel that it’s a good way to learn as well because that’s the only way you can communicate with the other. If we all knew English/Japanese, our French would probably not improve. And in my case, I feel that my french have indeed improved quite a tremendous amount 😀

So by the time it ended, it was about 5pm? Cause we ate and chit chatted before we decide to go home. So I took the tram right and in it I saw like dogs. I was so surprised like ya?? Cause in Singapore you can never have dogs on public transport. But in France (?) or at least in Montpellier, there were like dogs everywhere. On the streets, the bus, the tram. Like wowz! But I was happy of course dogs are another weakness of mine heehee :p

So yup, when I reached home I rested for awhile and then had dinner at around 7pm. Dinner was really good like I swear upon my life HAAHAHAHAH! Ok, so what we had was like crepes in the shape of a curry puff. For people who don’t know what it looks like, it looks like this:

Image result for curry puff

Credits to:

Yeah, so what was inside was ham, cheese (ALOT OF CHEESE) and well I guess that’s it. But I really loved it. I repeat LOVED it cause it was firstly, hot. Secondly, filling and lastly, it was a taste of familiarity. Like even though it was so simple but the taste of the cheese was familiar. Like it tasted like Kraft cheese teehee :p Yeah, and like we were going to end dinner already Leonie came. And so Mme. Gomez asked whether she wanted to have something to eat and so she ate like yogurt I guess. That’s our dessert sort of.

And yup, that was the end of day 4!

Thanks for reading ^^

Au revoir!



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