Montpellier Day 2 – 22 May 2017


Ok time to get up to date. My speed on this is really slow. Apologies

So it’s day 2 and well, we went to IEF early in the morning to see if they could help us. Before that, we bought food. I bought a puff-like thing with chocolate. It was really good!! French food is really quite amazing. But it’s really expensive :/

Anyway, after buying our food we went on our way to the school and at the door we met Philippe. We didn’t know then he was going to be our professor but yup, he looked at us and told us at the office was upstairs and we said merci which means Thank you in French. So we lugged our luggage up the flight of stairs. I’m thankful my luggage was only 14.5kg but that didn’t mean it was light. But it was definitely lighter than Gina’s hurhur.

Yup, so we went up to the office and there we were greeted by Eugenia who was one of the administrators. Thank goodness she was able to help us with our issue and also because Prof Yannick emailed them on Sunday so thankfully, we were able to get immediate enrollment. Our luggage was placed in their storeroom and then we went for a briefing session of some sort.

Philippe briefed us and probably like another 8-9 people about the school personnel, the classrooms (salles) and I guess that’s probably it. After that, we began our lesson.

Our first lesson was on introduction. Extremely basic but I felt that it was essential and useful. I definitely learnt a lot in that short 3 hours probably because I understood most of the stuff  that were already taught in French 1 back in SG.

So we met this other girl called Sophia but we call her Sophie. She’s Chilean and stays in San Diego. She’s only 15 though like that’s really young. She’s the youngest in our class. So other than her, there are 3 Swiss students – Alex, Julian and Ella, 2 Japanese students – Akane and Chizuko and there’s us. The size was just nice really, like everybody had the chance to talk. So there’s that.

So there was a break at 10.30am for 15 minutes and lessons resumed. At 12.15pm class ended. So we were told that they were still looking for a host family. At least for me, because Gina’s was settled. Also, as it was a Monday they have this wine and cheese session out on the terrace. Like it’s FREE! And it happens every Monday like whottt. But yes, the cheese tasted really good despite it’s disgusting goat smell. But well, cheese is cheese. And that kinda became our lunch.

After that at around 1.30pm, they had a tour for new students around Montpellier. Basically it was the places that Gina and I visited the day before. But this time there were history about the places. But there served no purpose cause it was all in French and well, my French vocab is only this much -> (   ) :’) So half the time I was just stoning or I zoned out. And while we were walking, I took the chance to talk to Sophie.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel that speaking to non-native English speakers can be really hard. Because not only I can’t use my Singaporean accent, there were some words that I had to find another word for or basically rephrase the whole sentence. And after that, I wonder if they actually understood.. So yeah.

Anyway, Sophie said she had some kind of bone injury? I’m not sure what the term is exactly but basically her spine was really curved to one side. And she had to do a surgery to fix it back in place. Also, she used to do boxing with her sister like if you look at her, you would never have guessed it :’) She’s really slim and fair and she looks so feeble. But well, you can’t judge a book by its cover eh.

So after we were done, we went back to school and then Gina’s host came first. She was a round lady and dressed in bright pink? And so I was left there to wait for my own host who came awhile later. And I got a shock when he was male cause the letter given to me was written as Ms Marie Gomez. But oh wells. So he came to fetch me and then we walked to Place de la Comedie to take Tram 1 to Place de l’Europe and then we walked again. The whole journey was about an half and hour. I wanted to say stuff to Monsieur Gomez but I just didn’t know how to phrase them. So the only thing I said throughout the whole journey was Vous parlez Anglais (you speak english?). Which was actually wrong cause it’s supposed to be vous pouvez parler anglais (can you speak english?) And he said non :’) God bless my soul.

Anyway, then we finally reached the place. It’s a really plain looking house on the outside but the interior is really beautiful. They actually have quite a big house as it is 2 storeys. On the ground floor, they have the kitchen, living room, garage (like what even??) and their own room. On the 2nd floor, they have 4 bedrooms, 1 shower room and 1 toilet bowl room. My heart sank when I saw that the toilet bowl wasn’t in the same room as the shower room (DED). But oh wells, since I’m staying here for 3 weeks then I gotta get used to it. Yup, so M. Gomez carried my luggage up for me which made me feel really bad cause I could do it on my own but once again thanks to my poor French, I didn’t know how to phrase it :’)

Anyway, after that he passed me the Wifi password HAHAHAHAHAHA but I couldn’t get it to connect T.T so I just did my homework from school instead. Then thank God, Madame Gomez came home and she welcomed me with open arms (figuratively). So she asked “comment tu t’appelle?” and I said “Je m’appelle Jermaine” and then I forgot what other stuff she said but she passed me the wifi password as well and this time I did it in front of her and well it didn’t work obviously and then she flipped to the back age of the notepad and voila, the password now works. Woohoo so now I have wifi for only my phone cause after that she took the notepad and I didn’t know where it was anymore.

So well, I went down to the kitchen and she was preparing some stuff. So for the 1st day I basically just followed her around and she introduced me to different stuff like she was making salad and she told me the lettuce (salade) is from her own garden. And I was like WOW. Cause it was really fresh and green and leafy like her garden was just amazing. It’s a plot of land at the front porch.

Yup, then came dinner where I was greeted by another surprise who was a Swiss girl from an apartment near by and apparently she has dinner with them everyday. I thought she was their grand-daughter at first but nope. I didn’t ask on the 1st day of my stay though. So yup. So we had salad which I quite enjoy like it tasted a little sour but I could actually swallow it and then for mains I had cucumber, pasta and jambon (ham). I didn’t take a photo though 😦 I felt it was rude. But yeah, dinner I just copied their actions and then for desert I had yogurt. Like wow, healthy much.

And then I escaped upstairs to my room and did a little stuff before I went to shower and went to bed cause I was really tired. Oh ya, after dinner Mme G. told me breakfast can be at 7.45/8am so I chose 7.45am of course so that I can be on time.

And yes, that’s basically the end of my 2nd day in Montpellier.



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