Montpellier Day 1 – 21 May 2017

Bonjour mes amies!

So anyway, it’s my first time travelling to such a faraway country – France/continent aka Europe. I would have to say the first day was pretty eventful due to some miscommunication between NUS and us. We (Gina and I) thought that the school would arrange everything for us as in arrange everything with the school in Montpellier- European Institute of French (IEF) like inform them we were coming etc.

I actually felt pretty iffy about the whole thing because we weren’t told of anything. And I vaguely remember that we were told that there was going to be a placement test to test our French efficiency but that never came. I was so confused so I turned to Gina and she insisted that we would take the placement test in Montpellier so I went “orh ok lor” Not to point fingers (Actually I am) but I blame her cause I kept asking and she said “oh, the family will come and pick us up from the airport.” Ok, to be fair, it was both our first time doing such a thing so oh wells *shrugs* All is well now anyway.

So we took Air France from Singapore to Paris where our flight was 10.40pm. It was a 12 hours flight and I sat behind her so we didn’t really talk. So what I did was watch Big Bang Theory (BBT) the whole flight or at least the times when I haven’t felt sleepy. It was quite funny to hear it dubbed in French cause Sheldon voice was at least a pitch higher. But of course, thankfully they had the English version if not I’ll probably not understand any of it. Ded.

Us before we flew

Anyway, the food was not bad in my opinion (IMO). It was really filling probably cause I had a beef dish pie at SB at the airport and then it was made worse cause I stupidly wanted champagne which tasted really bad D: It took me a few hours to finish my dinner when the rest were already done with theirs. But everything else was good huehue. Breakfast was good as well so wew.

Dinner on Air France

Then we finally landed in Paris airport and waited for our next flight to Montpellier which was just 2 hours.

So the shock came when we reached Montpellier airport and there was nobody to pick us. Like OMG. We didn’t know who to contact and while I was just chilling, Gina was panicking like mad and well, it doesn’t help to have both people panic like crazy so I left her to it.

So after a few emails with Prof Yannick and with the help of the customer service counter (really appreciate them a lot and thank God they could speak English), we finally took the bus to Place de la Comedie which was like the city centre where the Tourism Office was located. The bus driver was really nice too. Helping us with our luggage and teaching us how to buy the bus tix and for the tram even though he knew no English at all.


And then we reached Place de la Comedie and we went to the tourism office and sought for help. 

They have dogs everywhere
View at Place de la Comedie

The lady helped us find a cheap hotel which turned out not to be so cheap after all but what to do when 2 girls are lost and needed a place to stay for the night? So yup, it wasn’t that far off so we walked to the Hotel (insert name when I rmb) and spent 37.50 euros each.

Another shock came when I realised that the toilet bowl was not in the same room as the shower??? Like whot how does that even work. It’s so troublesome to peep/poop in one room and then go to the other to wash our hands. But oh wells. I guess it’s supposed to be like this in France.

Yup, so we washed up a little and then we went to have lunch which we had Burgers. 

Lunch – Burger
It was really good probably cause I was hungry and it was 9.90 euros but the burger was huge and the bun was like baked so it was different and the fries were like potato slices instead of the normal thin fries. So after that was done, we decided to walk and find the school and then we went to tour the place for a bit.
Gina was emoing which was quite frustrating cause half the time she just left me while she walked really fast in front. Temperamental people. -.- Kill me please. But yup, we went to see some of the places that were really beautiful.

Flowers in Jardin des Plantes

Favourite photo
After that was done, we decided to return to the Hotel cause we were both really



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