Parting ways

I cried. I cried really hard.

But I got over it. I finally learnt to let you go. It kinda still hurts but yes, I learnt to let you go.

It wasn’t easy but the way you treated me gave myself mental preparedness that “hey, gurl you gotta be nicer to yourself and let him go. Live your own life. Find better guys to date. Find a boy who loves you more than you love him.”

So that’s what I did. I decided to leave and wrote you a letter but you didn’t respond. Somehow we still met and things didn’t really change much altho to me it did. 

So tell me.. what would you like me to do Mr? 

I know you’ll be fine without me and I hope that one day I’ll be fine without you. 

Until then, we shall part ways and may our paths meet again if destiny allows.



A girl from the tiny red dot. Writes when she feels like it - usually more personal rants and thoughts Really wants to broaden her horizon and experience the world but hates leaving the comforts of her home. The irony.

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