Montpellier day 7 – 27 May 2017


So today is really exciting but breakfast as usual was the same stuff of baguette, nesquik with milk, biscotte and the jam and nutella.

Yup, anyway we have another excursion today. Today’s journey consist of 4 places – Pezenas > Canal du Midi > Beziers > Plage volcanique cap d’agde. We also had to meet at Gare Routiere and this time it started from 9am – 6.30pm. Today I walked on my own from Gare Saint-Roch and thankfully I wasn’t lost cause I remembered the way I took when I went home. Also, since Jeremie was on his holiday, Jeff was our guide.

There were a lot of English speaking students I suppose? But well yeah. We first reached pezenas and then we gathered in front of this status as shown:

<<Insert photos>>

And then Jeff began to tell us the story behind the name of the place. I can’t quite remember cause it was in French and even though there was a really nice English lady who translated everything for us. But yeah, do check it out! After Jeff was done with his story, we had about 2 hours of free time? So Gina and I went and walked around. And OH. MY. GOD. The place was freaking amazing!!

It’s like there was a little bazaar going on. It was similar to Singapore’s Pasar malam which in other words meant night market. But yeah, there were many many stores selling different things. The fruits were really fresh and beautiful. The flowers were just blooming. It was such a beautiful sight. Yup!

<<Insert photos>>

And then we walked past this store that sells bracelets and what not. The lady could speak English but we answered her in french so she was like “oh you speak french?” and we were like “Ummm, un petit peu” which means a little bit. After that she was showing us all sorts of stuff. And she passed me a new one that looked like a pandora bracelet. Sigh, I didn’t want to get that but I guess she misinterpreted and so I got 2 bracelets instead. Each one cost 7 euros so I spent 14 euros there. But oh wells, I needed to give gifts anyway. Hope my friends will like it πŸ™‚

After that we continued walking and we passed by this bookstore called Maison de la Presse LANET cause there were like postcards everywhere and Gina was into them. So she looked at them and I went inside to look around. So in the end I bought this fairytale book meant for enfants which means children in french. HAHAHAHAHA it’s a hardcover book and it looks simple enough for me to read and understand which I hope I’ll have time to do it when I get back and of course really understand it. Yeah, so as I was paying for it, I didn’t hear the lady properly except she said “cadeaux” which means gift in french and I said oui. So she asked her assistant to wrap the book for me. HAHAHAHAHA

While waiting, there was another elderly lady in line and she looked so pleasant. And I said “desolee” which means sorry and she said something like it’s ok, I’m just waiting to photocopy my documents and so I smiled back at her.

Finally it was done and I said “merci beaucoup, au revoir!” and went on my way to meet Gina outside. Hurhur. After that we continued to walk and we saw many clothing stores where we stopped but didn’t buy any cause they were kinda too expensive but still relatively cheap compared to the stores in the streets here at Montpellier. Like I guess 10 euros? Oh yes! I bought a scarf for my grandmother at the market and the lady was really nice. She said “have a nice day” after I was done with my purchase. But since Gina haven’t made up her mind, we lingered around and so I asked in French “Ummm, une question. Plastic bag c’est quoi en Francais?” and I guess she started to explain to me that they don’t use plastic bags cause it’s really unenvironmentally friendly and that it might kill marine life if people start throwing them around. I really applaud the french for this, like when can Singaporeans be like dis 😦 The French really don’t use plastic bags. Even if they do give you bags, it will be in the form of paper. Like WOW. Anyway,Β yup, so she told us it’s called a sachet and so yup, I learnt a new word today :))))

After that we went on our way and then walked past this seemingly Chinese shop but actually it was a Vietnam store and we stole a little of their prawn crackers. Good stuff :p Oh btw, please don’t take it literally. We didn’t steal anything. The prawn crackers were placed out as samples so we could take it yup teehee πŸ˜€ Yup, so we walked a little more before we decided it’s time to turn back and then cause we could either buy food to the beach or eat at the restaurant there, we decided to get food from the market. So we went back to the Vietnam store and I bought their riz canton basically it’s rice and their spring pork roll. I was really excited cause I haven’t had rice in about a week and I really miss it 😦 #Asianproblems

Anyway, fast forward, so we both got our food and we went back to the mini van and went on our way to Plage Volcanique Cap d’agde.

Basically it’s a place with beaches. And oh my, it was really beautiful. The view was extremely wowz. Also, why it is called plage volcanique was pretty much cause there is an active volcano near it? And like the ashes from it turn the sand black.

<<Insert photos>>

And yup, we had our lunch there like I ate my riz and pork. The rice was ok thankfully with the help of chili but the pork was just bad D: Don’t get it people! Anyway, Gina bought some chicken as well and decided to feed the seagulls. Holy shit, it was terrifying cause the birds were huge and noisy. So while I wasn’t looking, she threw a piece and then the 1st bird started calling all its friends down and immediately, most of all the other birds descended and were just waiting for food to be thrown to them.

Omg, and they were really aggressive. Like 2/3 birds can start pecking each other cause they were fighting for the food. They pretty much sound like the seagulls in Finding Nemo huehue. Yup after that I also started throwing my pork roll cause it was just that bad 😦 The rest of my rice, I gave it to Gina cause she was still hungry so yup.

Fast forward, after we were done, we went down to the first beach and like the sand was black ummm as in greyish-black? Yup, the water was cold and it was really clear like you can see every single pebble. But this time, we didn’t suntan cause there weren’t enough time. After awhile, Gina came to join me cause she was done smoking and then we went back up. Oh and the staircase was like really cool? Cause it was spiral but the walls were made of gravel and stone instead of cement.

<<Insert photo>>

After that we decided to do some exploring as well since we had a little bit more time. And then we realised that there was another beach there. The sand this time were the normal sand like yellowish white? Oh and cause I desperately wanted to pee, we finally found a toilet there. And omg?? It was really gross. Like a man came out of it and said something in French like it can’t be flushed or something. Which was true cause I opened the door and immediately saw that the toilet bowl was kinda full D; Super duper gross so I gave up peeing. Oh wells. So we enjoyed abit of the sun and took pictures.

<<Insert photos>>

After that when it was about 2pm we started to walk back cause we had to gather at 2.30pm. And since there was another toilet somewhere we decided to hunt for it. In the midst of it, we spotted an aquarium and so we went in. And there it was, the holy toilet :)))) It was really clean of course thankfully and so my bladder was relieved. There, I bought a postcard for 40 cents cause I decided that I wouldn’t be able to capture the entire view so I bought it. And then we went back to the mini van.

In the mini van, I met this Swiss girl. We talked for a little bit and at first I felt like she had this resting bitch face (RBF) cause well, it’s just like that. Can’t really explain RBF but apparently she studies law and she’s also 26. Her french is really good though. Ya, she was cool. And then we finally reached Canal du midi.

It was really fascinating cause it was built like in 1667 and without any architects, engineers and what not and it’s 241km long which spans from Toulouse and ends at Etang de Thau. Do google about it!!

<<Insert photos and video>>


After awhile, a little tourist boat passed us and then we left toΒ Beziers.

<<Insert photos>>


Beziers is a small little town and there we visited this really amazing Cathedral, aka Beziers Cathedral, like it was so damn big and grand and mostly tall. Omg, we died trying to climb up the steps cause it was really a lot of stairs. But hey, it was worth it and the view was great ^^ After awhile, I climbed down and omg, it was really scary as well cause like one slip and you might tumble to your death whoops. But I finally made it down.

After that Gina and I went to look for ice cream but got conned into this little shop which sells milkshakes and yogurts. Kidding but yeah, I was disappointed. But anyway, this is my yogurt πŸ˜€

<<Insert photo>>

After that, we went to walk around some more and see if we could get anything for our friends back but well, there weren’t much apparently. So I didn’t spend anything at beziers. After that it was time to leave and we headed back to gare routiere.

So then came dinner time and omg, we had quinoa. I really didn’t like that thing T.T cause it was 1st, cold. 2nd, there were a lot of capsicum and corns and lastly well it was just gross in general. Sorry people who love quinoa.

<<Insert photo>>

Yeah, basically I didn’t know what exactly I was eating cause I didn’t ask but later found out cause I asked Gina the next day. Anyway, I took really little of it cause it was suspicious looking and I covered the taste of it with cherry tomatoes. Thank god for such a fruit.

Yup, and then it was shower time and bed for me :)))

Thanks for reading mes amies!

Au revoir ^^


Montpellier Day 6 – 26 May 2017

Ok! Now that I got day 4 in place, it should be correct for the rest of the other posts!

Alors, salut mes amies!

Today is day 6 of my trip here and of course the last day of school for the 1st week! D’habitute, je mange la meme choses (I ate the same things) pour le petit-dejeuener. Before I left for school, I decided to ask Leonie in French how to get to the beach cause Gina and I were thinking of doing it and well, I did ask to double confirm. So thanks Leonie! After that I headed to school.

T’was a good day I guess πŸ™‚ For lessons we went through des, un, une and le, la, les as well as questions to ask on a daily basis. Yup and so after lessons we went to have lunch. Gina, Sophie and I went to Brioche Doree that is along a bend. It serves really nice sandwiches and honestly I think it’s quite affordable. Although I think I kinda spent about 7.50 euros? But it included a long sandwich together with an eclair as well as a bottle of pepsi. In SGD of course it is expensive but I was honestly really hungry so oh wells!

<<Insert photo>>

Oh yes, at first when we got there, Gina and I wanted to leave our bags at our seats so as to “chope” it. Chope-ing means to reserve it in Singlish (Singaporean English). Sophie looked at us like “Are you crazy?” But she didn’t actually said that instead, with a really concerned look, she said “you’re just going to leave your bags here?” Then Gina and I looked at each other and said “Oh ya horh, here not Singapore” HAHAHAHAH cause in Singapore, you can actually do that? Not advisable but it is actually safe enough. Just take your valuables with you such as your phone and wallet will do. And then Sophie continued to say “In Chile, if you do that, your bag will be stolen” and we went “Whoops” and proceeded to take our bags and went to queue for the food.

Ok, back to the story, they heated my sandwich so all was good cause I really adore hot food πŸ™‚ Yup and the eclair was filled with chocolate filling which is my favourite so again, it was all good ^^ I actually wanted to taste the tart but Gina was saying we should try the eclair so I just tried it. No regrets really. So after that the 3 of us left and talked all the way to the tram stop before we went on our separate ways.

We went to Gare Saint-roch to take tram 3 in the direction of Perols Etang de l’Or to get to the beach. And all was good till halfway through, there was a toddler who started crying D: It was actually ok at first and then she didn’t stopped. My ears died. Cause it was that kind of crying that the kid wanted something but couldn’t get it so she just kept on crying/screaming. It was funny for a moment cause the mum decided to play with her mouth. Like imagine you’re yawning/singing/making noise and then you cover and uncover your mouth repeatedly. That’s the sound. HAHAHAHAH but yeah.

So we finally reached the station of Perols Etang de l’Or and then we began to follow people cause I think there isn’t a bus? Or if there is, we didn’t know how/where to take it. Omg, it was torturous cause it was at least a 20mins walk?? It was really far πŸ˜₯ Like halfway through, Gina wanted to turn back and go home sua. I died and was like noooo we walk until here already then you want to go home? So we continued walking and we finally reached. WOOHOO.

Regrets though. We didn’t take a freaking photo of the place? Like both of us actually forgot. But the name of the beach is called la Carnon. You can google it if you want. It was really hot that day and like when we reached, we were wondering where was the toilet. Cause it didn’t seem to have a toilet and then Gina decided to ask this group of girls where’s the toilet in broken french. Thank God for her cause I wouldn’t have known how to ask/have the guts to ask :’) So they said it was after the carpark on the right and we said ok, merci! But of course, we still couldn’t find it and then there was this other lady and Gina proceeded to ask us. But she either didn’t hear her or pretended not to hear her cause she didn’t turn around until like Gina went really close before she turned around. I think she said she’s not sure as well cause she doesn’t stay here and asked us to check with the ice cream shop nearby and we said ok, merci.

And so we continued to walk in the direction of the ice cream shop and I saw the toilet sign woohoo. After that we went to change. It was actually my 2nd time wearing the bikini I bought and brought along with me. It’s a blue bikini woohoo my favourite colour. And this time, the bottoms fitted perfectly. I told Gina about it and said so means I grew fatter and she was like no? It means your assets grew HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Yup, we then proceeded to find a spot and then we used our towel to sit on the sand cause that was what everybody did. And well, I brought a mini towel like those for gymming kind :’) Cause I thought I wouldn’t need such a big one since I will only be cleaning myself rather than have a proper shower. I dun think there were any shower cubicles nearby anyway. So we found this spot in between like 2 groups of people cause well, we were kinda scared our stuff would be stolen HAHHAAHA but hey, that’s a legit concern.

Yup, so we laid our towels out and then chilled for awhile, applying sunblock and what not. Then I rmbed I brought my ziplock bag so I put my phone, portable charger and wallet inside and then Gina said “eh, actually can just put under our towels right?” and I was like “ya horh!” and proceeded to dig a hole in the sand in the middle of our towels and placed it there before I covered it with sand and our towels. Such safety :’) After that we chilled for awhile more before deciding to go down into the water.

Before that we placed our bags on top of our towels and i covered my valuables. After that we proceeded to the water and OMG it was icy cold. The weather was so damn hot but the water was like ice. I totally died (figuratively) But well, we slowly waddled our way into the water taking baby steps. LOLOLOLOL cause the water really is just too cold for us. And then I forgot to take my rubber-band cause I wanted to tie it since I didn’t want to wet it. So I had to go up to shore and return to our spot. On my way, oh my, I saw a half naked lady. Like she was suntanning her boobs D: I mean well, it’s a culture shock to me cause in Singapore, you can never do that. It’s freaking illegal so yeah.

Anyway, after taking my rubber band and tying my hair, it was round 2 for walk of death into icy water. Died the 2nd time. Oh yes, what is interesting though, it’s that the beach is actually flat. Like we could go really deep cause for about the first 5 meters, the sand was at the same constant level so Gina and I could walk quite far in. Yeah, we had fun to be honest (tbh). After awhile, I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to return to shore while she continued her stay in the water.

Since the sun was being so bright, the sea water quickly dried up and I proceeded to eat my half finished lunch and then shortly after Gina returned and then we took a few selfies HAHAHAHA

<<insert photos>>

After that we just decided to suntan ourselves. Turned out, it didn’t work really well 😦 My back wasn’t tanned at all I cri. As for my front, I turned out to be suntanned but I think it was due to my walk back to the tram stop. Cause around 5pm, we decided to leave cause we needed to go home for dinner. And yup, it was still extremely sunny 😦 But it was a good day at the beach although it was probably just like a short 3 hours or so?

So I almost fell asleep on the train cause I was really tired but I perked up when I saw like 3 doggos on the tram. Teehee. One was still a juvenile German Shepard pup, and beside me was a little cocker spaniel which I didn’t notice until it sniffed my calves teehee. And a little further front there was probably a beagle and yup. It was really cool but of course the GS doggo had its fur flying everywhere as it started to move around. I mean c’mon, it’s still a pupper after all :p

Yup. And then I went home to wash up abit before dinner began. I was actually really excited cause it was bolognaise spaghetti with ham.

<<Insert photo>>

But the spaghetti wasn’t salty enough 😦 But well, can’t really complain. At least it was hot πŸ™‚ And then after dinner I just went to shower and then bed time wew.

Ok, that was my day 6.

Thanks for reading!

Au revoir


Montpellier Day 4 – 24 May 2017


Whoops, so apparently I missed out day 4 cause I got my dates mixed up πŸ™‚ But well, as usual I had breakfast of the same thing before I headed for school.

Since Thursday is a holiday of France, we pushed our oral class to Wednesday which is today. Also, as usual we have the morning class and then the afternoon class. Oh yes, after the morning class we went to get lunch and then I had my first sandwich in a way? There were cheese, tomatoes and ham I guess?

<<Insert photo>>

The best thing was that it was hot! Like they heat it up for you like omg. It cost about 3.50 euros which I feel is ok? Since it’s quite big. And after that cause I wanted something sweet so we went to a little cafe nearby the school as well. I wanted a tart but got seduced by a piece of chocolate cake instead HAHAHAHAHA whoops! Chocolate is my weakness for sure :p But well, it wasn’t really that nice but it was huge so no complaints. I couldn’t finish it so I ate half of it and left the other half in my bag.

<<Insert photo>>

So nothing really interesting happened that day I guess :/ Oh wait, we did have a churros session with Chi like after class she asked us whether we wanted to have like a tea break with her and we said “ok!” why not right?

And so the 3 of us – Chi, Gina and IΒ had a little conversation. The both got tea/juice? While I had churros.

<<Insert photo>>

Oh my, Chi paid for us like she said cause were students and wasn’t earning any money so she treated us. Yup, and so a friendship was established πŸ™‚

On hindsight, it was really interesting to be meeting people of different nationalities in a foreign country and to be connected not by the language that we each knew perfectly well (me – English and Chi – Japanese) but instead by the language that we are all learning – French. In a way, I feel that it’s a good way to learn as well because that’s the only way you can communicate with the other. If we all knew English/Japanese, our French would probably not improve. And in my case, I feel that my french have indeed improved quite a tremendous amount πŸ˜€

So by the time it ended, it was about 5pm? Cause we ate and chit chatted before we decide to go home. So I took the tram right and in it I saw like dogs. I was so surprised like ya?? Cause in Singapore you can never have dogs on public transport. But in France (?) or at least in Montpellier, there were like dogs everywhere. On the streets, the bus, the tram. Like wowz! But I was happy of course dogs are another weakness of mine heehee :p

So yup, when I reached home I rested for awhile and then had dinner at around 7pm. Dinner was really good like I swear upon my life HAAHAHAHAH! Ok, so what we had was like crepes in the shape of a curry puff. For people who don’t know what it looks like, it looks like this:

Image result for curry puff

Credits to:

Yeah, so what was inside was ham, cheese (ALOT OF CHEESE) and well I guess that’s it. But I really loved it. I repeat LOVED it cause it was firstly, hot. Secondly, filling and lastly, it was a taste of familiarity. Like even though it was so simple but the taste of the cheese was familiar. Like it tasted like Kraft cheese teehee :p Yeah, and like we were going to end dinner already Leonie came. And so Mme. Gomez asked whether she wanted to have something to eat and so she ate like yogurt I guess. That’s our dessert sort of.

And yup, that was the end of day 4!

Thanks for reading ^^

Au revoir!

Montpellier Day 5 – 25 May 2017

Hello! It’s day 5 now.

Ok, so I kinda have to say that there is a 6 hours difference in Montpellier and Singapore so I kinda got confused over what happened HAHAHAHAAH. But anyway, today we have a excursion with the school cause it’s a holiday here in France. It’s apparently called ascension day where it’s also known as the bank holiday? I have no idea what that means but basically most shops are closed on the holidays.

Yup, so the excursion starts at 1.45pm and ends at 6.30pm where we have to meet at Gare Routiere which is this busstop in Montpellier. So before that I had some time in the morning and well, the new girl who came from Switzerland – Leonie offered to show me around. And my oh my, I was so shocked when she could speak english and I was like OMGOMGOMG you can speak English and then I became really flustered and she said, well you don’t have to hurry/rush cause I haven’t put on any make up or anything.

As usual, we had breakfast of the same thing and then she was talking to me in French so like when we were done we both went upstairs and then she asked in French, “Tu as visiter le Montpellier? Si tu veux, je peux tu montrer” and I was just like ??? and then she said, is it better if I speak in English and my life just got a whole lot better. HAHAHAHAHA :’) But since we kinda just met so it was a little awkward as well. And half the time she spoke in French and I’m just trying my best to understand but couldn’t. So basically the whole conversation that day wasn’t really clear to me whoops.

Yup, so we walked to Place de l’Europe and then abit further down and then cut through to get to Polygone which is this huge shopping mall. But since it wasn’t 10 yet, most of the shops weren’t open yet. But we just walked through it anyway, and then I kinda asked her questions basically how to say this and that. And then we walked through Polygone and she said like it’s a short cut to Place de la Comedie and I was like O.O cause it was like wow I didn’t know that. And yup, so we walked and talked and she showed me the Place Royale du Peyrou which was like my 3rd time there HAHAHAHAHA but it’s alright. It was a good experience.

Oh before that, as we were walking to Place Royale du Peyrou, there was this man who approached her and asked if she wanted to donate money to children of some thing. Can’t remember clearly. But anyway, so she said No and the dude insisted and so she signed her name and the dude said hello to me and later after she was done he turned to me and I said non. I guess it does have perks being Asian in a European country HAHAHAHA.

And then we wanted to leave and the dude asked her for money like apparently she had to give him money then and there and so she said she doesn’t have any money and even took out her wallet to show him. He was obviously very angry but what can he do about it right?? Such con artists. Tsk. Yup, so that’s the end of our mini encounter.

As I was saying, after we left the Place Royale du Peyrou, Leonie wanted to visit le Jardin des Plantes. But it was not opened yet. Also, it was then I asked “comment tu t’appelle?” HAHAHA ok kinda late to ask for her name but never late than never right? So she told me and I said “Comment ca s’ecrite?” And she spelled it while I wrote it in my notebook and then she asked me for mine and she couldn’t pronounce it. Somehow, the French or Europeans in general has problems pronouncing my name so oh wells, I wrote it for her on my book as well so that she could read it. And it kinda worked. So yup, another friendship was born ^^

So we were both getting thirsty and since the Jardin wasn’t opened yet, we decided to go find a place to have a cup of drink. And then we went to this tram stop and waited for the tram. It was a little awkward cause we didn’t say much. And then the tram came and she boarded it and cause it was quite crowded and the door quickly closed, I couldn’t get on and so I was left outside. And oh no, I was like panicking inside and wow, kinda embarrassing but oh wells, who cares right? Especially since I’m never going to see these people again.

So the logical thing to do was to follow the tram tracks and pray that Leonie gets down at the next stop which she thankfully did. Hallelujah. I thought I could catch up with the tram but whoops, I guess not. Then as I kept walking, I saw Leonie walked back as well. Thank God. So like after that we went through some small roads and I asked whether she had a tram system like this back in Switzerland and she said yes but she thinks it’s more efficient and basically better than the one in Montpellier.  And she returned the qns and so I said yes and told her we have a train system that is similar which is called the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) in Singapore. And she was like “quoi? Mass.. ?” And I repeated myself.

While I was doing that, a man came up to us and asked whether I was from Singapore and I said yes. And he said oooo I was there a couple of years ago. And that was when the 3 of us started conversing in English. Hurhur cheap thrills. So he’s called Stephan and he was in Montpellier for a short visit and then he asked whether we wanted to have brunch together cause he was on his way and we looked at each other and Leonie said sure.

So we went to Toast and Tea. I was actually going to have water and something small. But turned out, I had a tart that was like huge?? It wasn’t even a tart. It was like a big slice of egg like thing with tomates et curry et poulet. It was not bad but really filling. And I was thinking how am I going to eat lunch with Gina though. So yeah, the 3 of us had brunch and then we talked abit here and there. Mostly it was Leonie asking questions and Stephen answering and I just kept quiet. He was apparently a photographer as well who did a photo-shoot on nudity I guess. He showed us a few of his works which were basically naked women :/ But well, can’t really judge him or anything.

Yup, then by the time we were done it was near 12.30pm which was actually the time I was supposed to meet Gina outside school so that we can go to gare routiere together. As I part ways with Leonie, I was already late for 10 mins cause I reached IEF at 12.40pm and I panicked cause Gina wasn’t there and I was like oh no, I don’t have wifi how am I going to contact her?? So I just waited awhile more perhaps about 5-10mins then I decided to walk to the tourism office where I was like hoping for a miracle.

Surprisingly, they actually had wifi there and then like ya, Gina confirmed 1230pm with me so by the time I reached there it was already 1pm? So like I started to walk back to IEF and thank all the Gods in the heaven, Gina was there already. Then ya she bought something to eat and then we began to walk to gare routiere. But I needed to pee really badly so we were also looking for a toilet.

There really aren’t many public toilets in Montpellier. Like omg. But yeah, we found one. It was really gross though. The seat was gross and like I couldn’t relief myself properly cause it was really dirty 😦 Whoops tmi. But anyway, after I was done, I couldn’t even flush?? Like everytime I press the flush button there would be an announcement in French and I just couldn’t understand and so I gave up trying to flush that thing. Sorry to the next person using it. But thankfully I could wash my hands. Then again, the hand washing procedure was such a quick one cause there weren’t any taps so like the soap came first and then the water and then the dryer like whot. It all seemed to come from the same hole.

Ok enough of that, after that we gathered at GR and we met Chi yay people we know. So after that Jeremie came and told us he was our guide for the day and then we proceeded to go to Saint Guilhem et le desert. Yup, so we first went to this bridge where it was called the Devil’s bridge if I’m not wrong? Jeremie told us a story about it.

Basically like a man tried to build a bridge and it just kept falling apart. So one day the devil appeared and then he said he would grant him a wish in exchange for something. So the man said that he wanted the devil to build a bridge overnight that is indestructible. In exchange, the devil wanted the soul of the first traveller who crossed the bridge. Despite that, the man agreed. So he racked his brains together with the villagers and they came up with a way. So the next day, a man was walking towards the bridge and when he was going to finish crossing, out came a little dog and that dog was sacrificed 😦 While the devil was angry, a soul was a soul so he couldn’t do anything about it. But yes, that was about it I guess.

So after the story, we went to the bridge and looked at the view it was really quite magnificent.

<<Insert photo>>

After that we left for St Guilhem which was a pretty little town with 250 inhabitants but like 1 million tourists? That’s really a lot. But yes, it was really beautiful and there we visited a church which was beautiful as well. After that we had a little free time and so Gina, Chi and I went to buy a little things. I bought a pair of sunglasses that day as well as 3 pendants for my friends wew. Oh yes, and I bought honey and jam for the fam.

<<Insert photo>>

Yup, so it was quite a short visit but yup it was good. After that we ended and went back to GR and I proceeded home to have dinner with my host family.

We had potatoes and pork? I think that day it was good but I felt like the pork could be a little bit saltier but it’s ok πŸ™‚

<<Insert photo>>

Yup, that’s about the end of my day 5.

Thanks for reading bye!

Montpellier Day 3 – 23 May 2017


So it’s the 3rd day here. And since I’m writing this about like 7 days later, I might have forgotten some bits and pieces but well, I’ll do my best πŸ˜€

Let’s get started then!

For day 3, it was 2nd day of school and so I had both the morning class which starts from 9am to 12.15pm and then from 1.30pm to 3.45pm we have the afternoon class which basically was oral.

Oh yes, before that, I had breakfast with Mme Gomez where she asked me something and I had no idea what she said. Basically breakfast was baguette, biscotte with butter /nutella/jam and nesquik.

<<Insert photo>>

Woohoo, thankfully there’s nesquik cause I would probably not want to drink hot milk on its own. Breakfast was not bad. But I kinda want salted butter but they don’t have it 😦 Oh wells, you can’t have everything in the world :’) After that at about 8.15am I left for school. I had trouble with the door cause you kinda have to close the door with this ‘cluck’ sound and it’s really quite loud. And I don’t like loud sounds. So M. Gomez had to do it a few times for me LOLOLOL like to teach me and I still couldn’t get it but oh wells. Thankfully it worked out the last try then I could leave for school.

After that I walked for about 10 mins and passed by Le Lez which is the river near their place.

<<Insert photo>>

And then I went to take tram 1 in the direction of Mosson and dropped at Place de la Comedie and walked for another 10 mins and met Gina in school.

So for the morning lesson we went through more questions and some verbs. For the afternoon lesson, we went through les activites quotidienne (The daily activities). Yeah, so first part was the listening and trying to comprehend and then the next part was to try speaking it with a partner. So I was paired with Chizuko who is a Japanese old lady like she’s a grandmother to 2 grandsons. And after that we just went our separate ways after class.

It was quite funny though because after that Gina wanted to smoke but she didn’t know how to buy and where to buy. In the end, we went back to school like in less than 5 mins before we left the building to seek help from our oral teacher Ismail. Oh yes, I forgot to introduce our oral teacher’s name is Ismail. And then he actually very nicely told us where to get it and even brought us there. So in Montpellier, you can get cigarettes from any shop with the “TABAC” sign.

Image result for montpellier tabac

Credits to:Β,1459630.php

It was quite funny and really like wow moment. Like imagine your teacher agreeing and even bringing you there?? That would never happen in Singapore. Yeah so that was our mini adventure for the day.

After that we headed on our different paths to go home. I forgot what I had for dinner but well, I think it was pizza! Like they bought pizza back and it was ok. We had pepperoni and some cheese pizza with potatoes. Wew.

After that I retreated back to my room and took a shower and got ready for bed. Yup I think this is the end of day 3.

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Montpellier Day 2 – 22 May 2017


Ok time to get up to date. My speed on this is really slow. Apologies

So it’s day 2 and well, we went to IEF early in the morning to see if they could help us. Before that, we bought food. I bought a puff-like thing with chocolate. It was really good!! French food is really quite amazing. But it’s really expensive :/

Anyway, after buying our food we went on our way to the school and at the door we met Philippe. We didn’t know then he was going to be our professor but yup, he looked at us and told us at the office was upstairs and we said merci which means Thank you in French. So we lugged our luggage up the flight of stairs. I’m thankful my luggage was only 14.5kg but that didn’t mean it was light. But it was definitely lighter than Gina’s hurhur.

Yup, so we went up to the office and there we were greeted by Eugenia who was one of the administrators. Thank goodness she was able to help us with our issue and also because Prof Yannick emailed them on Sunday so thankfully, we were able to get immediate enrollment. Our luggage was placed in their storeroom and then we went for a briefing session of some sort.

Philippe briefed us and probably like another 8-9 people about the school personnel, the classrooms (salles) and I guess that’s probably it. After that, we began our lesson.

Our first lesson was on introduction. Extremely basic but I felt that it was essential and useful. I definitely learnt a lot in that short 3 hours probably because I understood most of the stuff  that were already taught in French 1 back in SG.

So we met this other girl called Sophia but we call her Sophie. She’s Chilean and stays in San Diego. She’s only 15 though like that’s really young. She’s the youngest in our class. So other than her, there are 3 Swiss students – Alex, Julian and Ella, 2 Japanese students – Akane and Chizuko and there’s us. The size was just nice really, like everybody had the chance to talk. So there’s that.

So there was a break at 10.30am for 15 minutes and lessons resumed. At 12.15pm class ended. So we were told that they were still looking for a host family. At least for me, because Gina’s was settled. Also, as it was a Monday they have this wine and cheese session out on the terrace. Like it’s FREE! And it happens every Monday like whottt. But yes, the cheese tasted really good despite it’s disgusting goat smell. But well, cheese is cheese. And that kinda became our lunch.

After that at around 1.30pm, they had a tour for new students around Montpellier. Basically it was the places that Gina and I visited the day before. But this time there were history about the places. But there served no purpose cause it was all in French and well, my French vocab is only this much -> (   ) :’) So half the time I was just stoning or I zoned out. And while we were walking, I took the chance to talk to Sophie.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel that speaking to non-native English speakers can be really hard. Because not only I can’t use my Singaporean accent, there were some words that I had to find another word for or basically rephrase the whole sentence. And after that, I wonder if they actually understood.. So yeah.

Anyway, Sophie said she had some kind of bone injury? I’m not sure what the term is exactly but basically her spine was really curved to one side. And she had to do a surgery to fix it back in place. Also, she used to do boxing with her sister like if you look at her, you would never have guessed it :’) She’s really slim and fair and she looks so feeble. But well, you can’t judge a book by its cover eh.

So after we were done, we went back to school and then Gina’s host came first. She was a round lady and dressed in bright pink? And so I was left there to wait for my own host who came awhile later. And I got a shock when he was male cause the letter given to me was written as Ms Marie Gomez. But oh wells. So he came to fetch me and then we walked to Place de la Comedie to take Tram 1 to Place de l’Europe and then we walked again. The whole journey was about an half and hour. I wanted to say stuff to Monsieur Gomez but I just didn’t know how to phrase them. So the only thing I said throughout the whole journey was Vous parlez Anglais (you speak english?). Which was actually wrong cause it’s supposed to be vous pouvez parler anglais (can you speak english?) And he said non :’) God bless my soul.

Anyway, then we finally reached the place. It’s a really plain looking house on the outside but the interior is really beautiful. They actually have quite a big house as it is 2 storeys. On the ground floor, they have the kitchen, living room, garage (like what even??) and their own room. On the 2nd floor, they have 4 bedrooms, 1 shower room and 1 toilet bowl room. My heart sank when I saw that the toilet bowl wasn’t in the same room as the shower room (DED). But oh wells, since I’m staying here for 3 weeks then I gotta get used to it. Yup, so M. Gomez carried my luggage up for me which made me feel really bad cause I could do it on my own but once again thanks to my poor French, I didn’t know how to phrase it :’)

Anyway, after that he passed me the Wifi password HAHAHAHAHAHA but I couldn’t get it to connect T.T so I just did my homework from school instead. Then thank God, Madame Gomez came home and she welcomed me with open arms (figuratively). So she asked “comment tu t’appelle?” and I said “Je m’appelle Jermaine” and then I forgot what other stuff she said but she passed me the wifi password as well and this time I did it in front of her and well it didn’t work obviously and then she flipped to the back age of the notepad and voila, the password now works. Woohoo so now I have wifi for only my phone cause after that she took the notepad and I didn’t know where it was anymore.

So well, I went down to the kitchen and she was preparing some stuff. So for the 1st day I basically just followed her around and she introduced me to different stuff like she was making salad and she told me the lettuce (salade) is from her own garden. And I was like WOW. Cause it was really fresh and green and leafy like her garden was just amazing. It’s a plot of land at the front porch.

Yup, then came dinner where I was greeted by another surprise who was a Swiss girl from an apartment near by and apparently she has dinner with them everyday. I thought she was their grand-daughter at first but nope. I didn’t ask on the 1st day of my stay though. So yup. So we had salad which I quite enjoy like it tasted a little sour but I could actually swallow it and then for mains I had cucumber, pasta and jambon (ham). I didn’t take a photo though 😦 I felt it was rude. But yeah, dinner I just copied their actions and then for desert I had yogurt. Like wow, healthy much.

And then I escaped upstairs to my room and did a little stuff before I went to shower and went to bed cause I was really tired. Oh ya, after dinner Mme G. told me breakfast can be at 7.45/8am so I chose 7.45am of course so that I can be on time.

And yes, that’s basically the end of my 2nd day in Montpellier.

Montpellier Day 1 – 21 May 2017

Bonjour mes amies!

So anyway, it’s my first time travelling to such a faraway country – France/continent aka Europe. I would have to say the first day was pretty eventful due to some miscommunication between NUS and us. We (Gina and I) thought that the school would arrange everything for us as in arrange everything with the school in Montpellier- European Institute of French (IEF) like inform them we were coming etc.

I actually felt pretty iffy about the whole thing because we weren’t told of anything. And I vaguely remember that we were told that there was going to be a placement test to test our French efficiency but that never came. I was so confused so I turned to Gina and she insisted that we would take the placement test in Montpellier so I went “orh ok lor” Not to point fingers (Actually I am) but I blame her cause I kept asking and she said “oh, the family will come and pick us up from the airport.” Ok, to be fair, it was both our first time doing such a thing so oh wells *shrugs* All is well now anyway.

So we took Air France from Singapore to Paris where our flight was 10.40pm. It was a 12 hours flight and I sat behind her so we didn’t really talk. So what I did was watch Big Bang Theory (BBT) the whole flight or at least the times when I haven’t felt sleepy. It was quite funny to hear it dubbed in French cause Sheldon voice was at least a pitch higher. But of course, thankfully they had the English version if not I’ll probably not understand any of it. Ded.

Us before we flew

Anyway, the food was not bad in my opinion (IMO). It was really filling probably cause I had a beef dish pie at SB at the airport and then it was made worse cause I stupidly wanted champagne which tasted really bad D: It took me a few hours to finish my dinner when the rest were already done with theirs. But everything else was good huehue. Breakfast was good as well so wew.

Dinner on Air France

Then we finally landed in Paris airport and waited for our next flight to Montpellier which was just 2 hours.

So the shock came when we reached Montpellier airport and there was nobody to pick us. Like OMG. We didn’t know who to contact and while I was just chilling, Gina was panicking like mad and well, it doesn’t help to have both people panic like crazy so I left her to it.

So after a few emails with Prof Yannick and with the help of the customer service counter (really appreciate them a lot and thank God they could speak English), we finally took the bus to Place de la Comedie which was like the city centre where the Tourism Office was located. The bus driver was really nice too. Helping us with our luggage and teaching us how to buy the bus tix and for the tram even though he knew no English at all.


And then we reached Place de la Comedie and we went to the tourism office and sought for help. 

They have dogs everywhere
View at Place de la Comedie

The lady helped us find a cheap hotel which turned out not to be so cheap after all but what to do when 2 girls are lost and needed a place to stay for the night? So yup, it wasn’t that far off so we walked to the Hotel (insert name when I rmb) and spent 37.50 euros each.

Another shock came when I realised that the toilet bowl was not in the same room as the shower??? Like whot how does that even work. It’s so troublesome to peep/poop in one room and then go to the other to wash our hands. But oh wells. I guess it’s supposed to be like this in France.

Yup, so we washed up a little and then we went to have lunch which we had Burgers. 

Lunch – Burger
It was really good probably cause I was hungry and it was 9.90 euros but the burger was huge and the bun was like baked so it was different and the fries were like potato slices instead of the normal thin fries. So after that was done, we decided to walk and find the school and then we went to tour the place for a bit.
Gina was emoing which was quite frustrating cause half the time she just left me while she walked really fast in front. Temperamental people. -.- Kill me please. But yup, we went to see some of the places that were really beautiful.

Flowers in Jardin des Plantes

Favourite photo
After that was done, we decided to return to the Hotel cause we were both really